Advanced Movement, Performance and Strength

Ryan has created AMPS to be the platform from which people can seek care and guidance that is specifically tailored to fit the needs of each individual. If AMPS isn’t able to help you meet your goals or it doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, our team will give you the resources and/or help you find someone who can give you what you are seeking.

Services include physical therapy, performance enhancement, wellness training, and everything in between.


  • "Ryan's expertise along with his high level of knowledge and care for each of his patients overwhelmingly exceeds the industry standards."
  • "I saw Ryan for hip and back pain that I've had for several years now. Being a cheerleader and now playing college softball, I was in a lot of pain. Working with Ryan for just a few weeks eased the pain tremendously and he helped me get back to my full playing potential. It was a great experience working with him."
  • "Ryan is very professional, explaining and demonstrating exercise and encouraging my performance. He varies the exercises each session and explains what they are designed to do. Ryan is amazing, kind, compassionate and highly skilled he made a big difference with my shoulder and neck pain. I would definitely recommend him."
  • "Working with Ryan has been a great experience, as he's helped me in ways that go beyond just dealing with my neck pain. After working with several other therapists, I've come to appreciate how passionate he is about helping people. He truly is the best."
  • "Ryan is an excellent physical therapist. I served in the US military for 10 years and came out of that experience with a bad lower back. My back problems were severely limiting my ability to enjoy outdoor activities with my friends. Ryan's help has completely turned my life around. He showed me exercises and stretches I would never have been able to figure out on my own. I cannot say enough about his great personality, knowledge of physical therapy, and patient care. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a physical therapist. Ryan is the best!"
  • "I was dubious about how much therapy could help my constant back pain. I was nervous about working one on one with a Physical therapist, having never done it before. I was very quickly relieved of all my concerns... and Pain! His knowledge and expertise, along with his personable teaching style made it easy for me to learn and implement his program. In addition to his informative, and professional approach to my wellbeing. He was a fun and welcoming person to work with. I found myself looking forward to our appointments, and you will too."